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The Places That Scare You The Places That Scare You
A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

In The Places That Scare You, Pema Chödrön continues the teachings of When Things Fall Apart, showing how at the core of the most painful experiences lie the seeds of spiritual awakening. Here she presents key teachings on recognizing and cultivating the soft spot that is the gateway to compassion and open-heartedness.

In this book she discusses:
  • The four great catalysts of awakening, and how to integrate them into our lives
  • Why the soft spot is necessary for spiritual awakening
  • The basic goodness that is inherently ours
  • How the three noble principles can enrich everything we do
  • The maitri meditation that multiplies love
  • Why an attitude of don't know can be wiser than the world's greatest spiritual teachings
  • How to keep the heart open with equal fearlessness to both heartache and delight

When Things Fall Apart When Things Fall Apart
Heart Advice for Difficult Times

The beautiful practicality of her teaching has made Pema Chödrön one of the most beloved of contemporary American spiritual authors —among Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. This book is a treasury of wisdom for going on living when things fall apart —when we are overcome by pain and difficulties.

In this book she discusses:
  • Using painful emotions to cultivate wisdom, compassion, and courage
  • Communicating so as to encourage others to open up rather than shut down
  • Practices for reversing habitual patterns
  • Methods for working with chaotic situations
  • Ways for creating effective social action

Start Where You Are Start Where You Are
A Guide to Compassionate Living

With insight and humor, Pema Chödrön presents down-to-earth teachings on how we can overcome our own suffering as well as the suffering of others. This is only possible, the author says, if we start where we are, embracing rather than pushing away the painful aspects of our lives.

The Wisdom of No Escape The Wisdom of No Escape
and the Path of Loving Kindness

This book is about saying yes to life, about making friends with ourselves and our world, about accepting the delightful and painful situation of no-exit. It exhorts us to wake up wholeheartedly and to use the abundant richly textured fabric of everyday life as our primary spiritual teacher and guide.

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